WP Quick Launch 2.0

Studying the different product attributes and benefits of the WP Quick Launch 2.0

The WP Quick Launch 2.0 makes it easier for the blog publisher to publisher his blog online. In short, it reduces the time involved in the publication process. There are a number of product features that are available. Similarly, the product has a number of benefits and that is why it is popular among the users. It is ideal software for search engine optimization purpose.


The WP Quick Launch 2.0 plug-in automates the process of setting up the Word Press website in a short span of time. So the next time you write a word press blog then it is not supposed to take much time in the publication process. The use of the software facilitates the process the publication of blogs. The different websites have the About, Privacy Policy, Services, Contact pages. Setting these pages takes time and by the use of the product, much time is saved. Because, the entire process is accomplished with the aid of just a few simple clicks.

The different product attributes

The different features of the Word Press Quick Launch 2.0 software are as follows:-

The software changes the permalink structure to /%postname%/ so that proper search engine optimization can be performed.

  • It deletes demo posts, comments and pages.
  • The software helps to setup the about, contact and the privacy policy page.
  • It also facilitates the installation and the activation of all the important plug-in.
  • Creating posts for all the desired keywords become simple.
  • The user can add content to the posts in Word press.
  • Images can also be added to the blog-posts.
  • The user can add pertinent YouTube videos to all the blog posts.

The benefits of the WP Quick Launch 2.0

The software can quickly create product features. The user requires inputting the product features and the software creates a list of feature list for the customer. The plug-in can create a benefit and drawbacks list. The pros and cons, entered by the user are highlighted on the review page. The most important advantage of using this software is that it saves time. Moreover, it is quite pocket friendly. Therefore, if you are willing to expand your business, make it grow then all you need is to choose the right type of marketing tool so that your business is boosted and profits are maximized.

Product Disadvantages

If you have blogs posted in the Word press software then it is advantageous to publish them in a short span of time. However, so far as the working of the software is concerned, it is advised on the part of the user to visit the websites where such software is available, download the same from there. If the user’s experience is not so pleasant with the software then the user can contact the vendor regarding the same. For other issues pertaining to the software, the user can take the assistance of the customer desk support.


It can be said from WP Quick Launch 2.0 review that it is good software from the perspective of search engine optimization, promotion of blogs. Because of the availability of a number of features, benefits the software is used among a section of the search engine optimizers.